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  • Affordable starting packages at € 499
  • Guarantee on results or your money back
  • Radio makers can request interviews
  • Your music stays available forever for (new) radio stations
  • Dedicated client support
  • Climate conscious radio promo
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€ 499

  • Up to 2 related tracks
  • Profile for your label and artist
  • Promotion of your release in up to 3 genres
  • See download results and airplay feedback
  • Invite your own network

€ 599

  • Up to 5 tracks
  • Profile for your label and artist
  • Promotion of your release in up to 3 genres
  • See download results and airplay feedback
  • Invite your own network

€ 699

  • 6-15 tracks
  • Profile for your label and artist
  • Promotion of your release in up to 3 genres
  • See download results and airplay feedback
  • Invite your own network
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Here's what our customers have to say:

I just want to thank you for believing in my song and for the recent plugging of "Criminal 4 You" which seems to have done so well! I was so excited to see all of the interest and looking forward to a radio interview next week! As a young independent artist, it means a lot to me to spend my money where I can see clear results.

Kyla Carter
Kyla Carter Visit profile

My artist received a frantic WhatsApp message yesterday from a friend of hers hearing the track we are plugging while having breakfast at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami. I noticed that some hotel chains have been picking up the track. It feels good to validate your service and I wish to express my appreciation for your work.

CM2 Music LLC
CM2 Music LLC Visit profile

I have used iPluggers for numerous singles now and will continue to use them well into the future. They are professional, courteous, and friendly, and they absolutely deliver! I have gotten some great radio airplay as a result of my campaigns with them. I also have to point out that they are very affordable! You get amazing "bang for your buck" with this company!! You can't go wrong with these guys!

Rich Chambers
Rich Chambers Visit profile

iPluggers has what it takes to get our CD out there. We have tried other companies, and they cannot hold a candle to the coverage and follow up that iPluggers gives us. We are now all over the world and the world loves the music! Thank you Marvin!

LA Smith
LA Smith Visit profile

Thanks so much iPluggers! You guys do an awesome job! Without this medium I don't know what I would have done!

Leanne Pirera
Leanne Pirera Visit profile

Your promotion company is so impressive. Keep up the awesome work.

Mack Holland
Mack Holland Visit profile

I just wanted to thank you for the radio promotion done recently for me.. I am very pleased with the results! I assume more will trickle in, in coming weeks/months as the songs stay up there. Just wanted to thank you for that.

Mikey Hamptons & The Meows
Mikey Hamptons & The Meows Visit profile

Here is one of the music promoting companies, that cares about your goals and doesn't use any dodgy strategies to sell you any of their services. The owner took time to listen to a few of my tracks, advised which one would be the best to be promoted but in the end we both decided it's not the right time to choose this path of promotion yet. I gave 4 stars as I cannot fully say how they work, but honestly it has been the nicest person I communicated with! All the best to you iPluggers.

Gabz House Guru
Gabz House Guru

Amartya is a phenomenal young artist who is composing truly incredible music. As an independent artist, it is important that you have people that care about your art and want to be on that journey with you towards your maximum potential. Marvin and iPluggers provides that opportunity and the global exposure has been extraordinary.

Amartya Paul
Amartya Paul Visit profile

Thank you for promotion of "Hail Mary" by The Slaves of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. It is encouraging to have seen the number of downloads increase as the month went on. It was encouraging to see the geographical breadth of the exposure you provided as well. I am sure we did not set any records, but I feel the "Bang for the Buck" you provided made the investment more than worthwhile. Thanks again, Marvin, It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Visit profile

Excellent support and communication, results are beyond expectations: 41 countries play my music and that is an amazing feeling. Professional service and more!

Weekender Visit profile

Just a quick note. Very happy with using your service.

Jeff M.
Jeff M.

iPluggers is one of our very good partners. The cooperation is very good, we have great communication and have been working with iPluggers for a long time. It's fun and we have great success because iPluggers has the right contacts. This company has become very important for us.

Manuela Visit profile

Aloha! I hit a home run using iPluggers promotional services! I peaked at # 1 on radio stations out of the Netherlands last summer. I went from being partially an unknown artist to having my music played on radio stations worldwide. Now I'm on an awesome journey that has changed my musical career! The iPluggers team are absolutely, outstandingly professional. I love working with them because when they promote your songs, things happen! Mahalo Nui Loa!

Waikiki Visit profile

I just wanted to say thank you!! I really think you're knocking it out of the park so far with the Sundogs plugging. Supporting networks and stations are looking awesome, relevant and helpful to the band.

James Moore
James Moore Visit profile

Thank you again for your excellent service and attention to detail regarding every aspect of our releases. It is greatly appreciated indeed.

David Clifton
David Clifton Visit profile

I’m so happy about all this success. iPluggers radio promotion was a game changer for me. So thank you for everything! Without iPluggers, I wouldn’t have had such a great start for my career

Johanna Kuvaja
Johanna Kuvaja Visit profile

Thanks to iPluggers our Christmas song Santa Got Covid was literally played around the world. More than I could have ever expected. These guys are incredible.

Vincent Visit profile

Artistas de qualidade, facilidade de pesquisa e mailing que nos conta tudo que esta rolando de novo. Os artistas do IPluggers estão em nossa programação. Parabéns pela qualidade!!

Radio station from Brazil
Radio station from Brazil

iPluggers has giving me much more information than I ever got from other independent promotion companies in my many years in this business!

Hadley Murell
Hadley Murell Visit profile

iPluggers is definitely worth our investment. Although our UNK^6 single, "Billionaire Like Kanye West," did not hit radio as we'd hoped, it is finding life in Retail/Mall Radio pickups who made our single available to hundreds thousands of their retail clients globally. We would not have done this without iPluggers. Because of iPluggers success, this led to our positioning with a major publishing company. I highly recommend iPluggers.

Modern Touch Music
Modern Touch Music Visit profile

Thanks for the excellent work you and your team are doing.

Junior Mills
Junior Mills Visit profile

Get The Kick Club Mix" which you're promoting on iPluggers hit the US National Airplay Charts !
Song has been listed on the TOP 150 Indie SPOTLIGHT for 4 consecutive Weeks !

Justin Faye
Justin Faye Visit profile

I love the iPluggers system! I have used it with an Uruguayan artist and we had several radio interviews, from places we never thought of! Canada, Israel and some places in Europe. It was very good for the artist and for us with the streams it generated.

Laura Tesoriero
Laura Tesoriero Visit profile

I was very pleased with the promo. HUGE thank you's to the iPluggers radio promotion team. I appreciate all you did. You guy's went "over and above" the call of duty. Thank you VERY much for the worldwide radio promotion and results!

Mike Parenti
Mike Parenti Visit profile

iPluggers did a great job with our song 'Anymore'. We had number one in its genre and top 40 in the Uk'. Thanks for the great radio promotion!

Kris James
Kris James Visit profile

Thanks, so much, once again, for your great radio promotion for both "Our Own Christmas" and "Don't Open 'till Christmas" this holiday season and making them a great success. iPluggers is the best!!

Rob Tomaro
Rob Tomaro Visit profile

iPluggers is a great partner. Kind, Efficient, Helpful and full-on Pro!! We at Sonic Bliss Productions are grateful and will continue our presence here to get worldwide airplay.

Denny Fongheiser and Kim Adamis
Denny Fongheiser and Kim Adamis Visit profile

We are happy about the great cooperation with the iPluggers team for our worldwide airplay!

Sven Hessel
Sven Hessel Visit profile

I couldn't thank you enough for encouraging me to submit my song "Tiny Butterflies" to promote on iPluggers! It was worth every penny! Thanks for the radio promotion!

Gladys Padron
Gladys Padron Visit profile

In a world where nothing is perfect, you guys have got your game in place!

I personally wanted to give ipluggers a VERY SINCERE THANK YOU on behalf of our new release. We recently delivered a OMP to the " WINKELWAGENSHOW " and this happened only because of your A&R department. Keep up the good radio promo!!

Jim Lloyd
Jim Lloyd Visit profile

iPluggers are plugging a big hole in a fading music industry, presenting artists with a sea of airplay opportunities worldwide. They're credible, accountable and they deliver the goods. Recommended.

Stage Republic
Stage Republic Visit profile

I was just about to thank you for the great job you guys have been doing. We used the last money we had on iPluggers and we're very thankful it has gone well. Both Kate and I really appreciate your great airplay service.

Acoustique Juice
Acoustique Juice Visit profile

Very transparent services! Keep up the worldwide radio plug!!

ZYX Music
ZYX Music Visit profile

I really appreciate your help, services and the level of professionalism you execute. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Play-B Visit profile

The results suit me well! Soon as the next single is ready it is with pleasure I will take iPluggers for our radio promotion.

Aloud Records - Landry DJ
Aloud Records - Landry DJ Visit profile

Thanks for all the great work you are doing and the worldwide airplay we have received.

Beat Sekas
Beat Sekas Visit profile

The iPluggers system looks beautiful and is efficient to work with. Really great service!

Matthias Kadar
Matthias Kadar Visit profile

I really like the user-friendliness of your site and I have a very good feeling to seek for your service!

This is the best tool I've seen for years in the music business and the execution is very professional. I have no doubts in my mind that's it's going to work for all parties involved.

Hofman and Company
Hofman and Company Visit profile

Congratulations to iPluggers. The number one distribution channel in getting your music to radio stations worldwide! They are simply the best in business to work with. You should be here too, right now! Just plug in and enjoy

Altair 6 Records
Altair 6 Records Visit profile

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