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I am a singer song writer and have always loved to sing and dance as a young child. Probably at around the age of 5 I began my artistic pursuit to dance and performed on New Faces Channel 10 in Australia.
Singing came about much later in my teens. I began officially singing in my twenties when I decided to write and record three songs ( All will be healed, Too Many Changes and Believe) One of those songs called “ Believe” aired on the Joy FM radio station in Melbourne at the time. I was brought in for an interview at the radio station. It also gained interest in Queensland.
After that l took a long break and started to record again 15 more songs between 2018 till present. I sing live on Sundays at church and at conferences and different venues when invited. I have been involved in TV and film as an actor that spanned around 10 years, between 2003 to 2012. I learnt to play the keyboard only later in life and play live to date. This song 'Save Me ' l believe is the best production to date produced.
I remember launching my first song Believe at Revolver night spot in Chapel St Prahran. Quite a few people showed up. There were photoshoots, posters, local magazine articles and many CD’s produced for the event. My first real gig I would say.
I spent many hours recording many songs at Empire Studios in Melbourne’s Heidelberg West and currently with this single it was at Ginger Recording Studios. I also spent many hours recording songs at a home studio with amazingly talented music producers and musicians.
I also had the opportunity to sing some of my songs in Africa, Kenya.
Recently l have sung my originals and other gospel contemporary songs with a few different musicians at different churches around Melbourne.

This current single Save Me will have a video clip attached to it. It will be released in about 2 weeks.
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Save Me feat. Russell Bratton

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