iPluggers is the founder of- and leader in worldwide digital radio promotion.

Established in 2010, iPluggers uses its own dedicated digital radio promotion system to serve over 35.000 radio stations worldwide with quality music for airplay.

We promote music genre-based, in all genres to FM, AM, local, internet, digital, satellite, national network, community, college and in-store stations.

We do not just e-mail blast random radio stations: radio stations have signed up for an account with us, indicating which genres of music they want to receive. We send out light-weight e-mail notifications directly to the right inbox, where music directors, music programmers and DJs are eagerly awaiting new additions for their playlist. We named this technology 'plugging', hence the name iPluggers.

This is one of the factors that makes our service so efficient: your release is wanted and expected. Our results speak for itself and amongst our clients are major labels (Sony, Warner, Universal Music), independent labels with high quality new music releases and artists that use our network to get (more) airplay and to build their international fan base.

Although our system is technically advanced, we cultivate the relationships we have with our extensive network of radio stations, labels and artists. We do not buy airplay, but effectively promote your music to real radio stations worldwide. Our trust in the strength of our network runs so deep that we give a guarantee on results. No results within 3 months and we will give you back your investment.

To see the results on the worldwide radio promotion of your music, you can login to your account and view or download a report which details which radio station from which country has downloaded your music for airplay on which date. Next to this, there's the possibility to activate the “interview requests” feature. If you or the artist you represent would like to give interviews, activate this and radio stations can requests an interview.

Do know that we do not promote every release that is offered to us. To find out if you're eligible for our radio promotion, sign up for an account, upload your music and request approval. We will listen to your music and if it is suitable for airplay, we will get your music the airplay it deserves.

For access to our complete library and to stay updated on new music that becomes available, radio stations can sign up for an account.

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How to get radio airplay for your music

  1. Create profile

    Create profile

    Sign up, complete your profile and upload your release. Select up to 3 plugging genres for your release.

  2. Ask A&R approval

    Ask A&R approval

    Our A&R department will listen to your release to determine whether it is suitable for airplay, if the right plugging genres are selected and if your profile is complete and professional.

  3. We plug your music

    We plug your music

    After approval you can pay for plugging and set your plugging date. As soon as the plugging date is reached, your release will be SENT OUT to all radio stations that want to receive the genres of your release.

  4. Real-time promo results

    Realtime promo results

    Immediately after plugging, you have real-time insight in which radio station from which country has downloaded your release for airplay. Additionally you can receive feedback and interview requests from radio stations.

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Industry shout-outs

Industry Shout-out James Moore - CEO, Independent Music Promotions Inc: I just wanted to say thank you!! I really think you're knocking it out of the park so far with the Sundogs plugging. Supporting networks and stations are looking awesome, relevant and helpful to the band.

Industry Shout-out Johanna Kuvaja - Artist: I’m so happy about all this success. iPluggers radio promotion was a game changer for me. So thank you for everything! Without iPluggers, I wouldn’t have had such a great start for my career'

Industry Shout-out Justin Faye - Singer-Songwriter / Composer / Guitarist: "Get The Kick Club Mix" which you're promoting on iPluggers hit the US National Airplay Charts ! Song has been listed on the TOP 150 Indie SPOTLIGHT for 4 consecutive Weeks !

Industry Shout-out Pulseradio: I personally have to say the quality of the releases and associated information is very good.

Industry Shout-out Laura Tesoriero - Epsa Music: I love the iPluggers system! I have used it with an Uruguayan artist and we had several radio interviews, from places we never thought of! Canada, Israel and some places in Europe. It was very good for the artist and for us with the streams it generated.

Industry Shout-out Mike Parenti (Creation Mind): I was very pleased with the promo. HUGE thank you's to the iPluggers radio promotion team. I appreciate all you did. You guy's went "over and above" the call of duty. Thank you VERY much for the worldwide radio promotion and results!

Industry Shout-out Kris James - Singer / Songwriter: iPluggers did a great job with our song 'Anymore'. We had number one in its genre and top 40 in the Uk'. Thanks for the great radio promotion!

Industry Shout-out Eric - Broadcast Director RTI FM: The releases iPluggers is sending over are excellent. GREAT WORK, I'm kicking myself for not signing up earlier for this radio promotion service. Once again MANY THANKS!

Industry Shout-out Rob Tomaro - Artist / Songwriter: Thanks, so much, once again, for your great radio promotion for both "Our Own Christmas' and "Don't Open 'till Christmas' this holiday season and making them a great success. iPluggers is the best!!

Industry Shout-out Denny Fongheiser and Kim Adamis - Label Managers Sonic Bliss Productions LLC: iPluggers is a great partner. Kind, Efficient, Helpful and full-on Pro!! We at Sonic Bliss Productions are grateful and will continue our presence here to get worldwide airplay.

Industry Shout-out Sven Hessel - Hella Donna Management: We are happy about the great cooperation with the iPluggers team for our worldwide airplay!

Industry Shout-out Gladys Padron - Songwriter: I couldn't thank you enough for encouraging me to submit my song "Tiny Butterflies" to promote on iPluggers! It was worth every penny! Thanks for the radio promotion!

Industry Shout-out M1u - Artist / Songwriter: In a world where nothing is perfect, you guys have got your game in place!

Industry Shout-out Jim Lloyd - Walking Tall Records: I personally wanted to give ipluggers a VERY SINCERE THANK YOU on behalf of our new release. We recently delivered a OMP to the " WINKELWAGENSHOW " and this happened only because of your A&R department. Keep up the good radio promo!!

Industry Shout-out Stage Republic: iPluggers are plugging a big hole in a fading music industry, presenting artists with a sea of airplay opportunities worldwide. They're credible, accountable and they deliver the goods. Recommended.

Industry Shout-out Kiss FM: We are very excited by the possibilities of your service and look forward to being not just users of your system but Kiwi advocates for your worldwide plugging service.

Industry Shout-out Acoustique Juice: I was just about to thank you for the great job you guys have been doing. We used the last money we had on iPluggers and we're very thankful it has gone well. Both Kate and I really appreciate your great airplay service.

Industry Shout-out ZYX Music: Very transparent services! Keep up the worldwide radio plug!!

Industry Shout-out Jeff & Staff WJMX Radio: WOW we found several very TALENTED Artist that compliment our genre. We have also contacted these Artists and let them know that we are now broadcasting their music and also posted a FB shout-out for each one of them.

Industry Shout-out Rob Tomaro: iPluggers is the best to get worldwide radio promo. All my new releases are gonna be with iPluggers from now on.

Industry Shout-out Play-B: I really appreciate your help, services and the level of professionalism you execute. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Industry Shout-out Singer Songwriter FM: We put a lot of iPluggers artist on our playlist on a monthly basis. Very good music!

Industry Shout-out Aloud Records - Landry DJ: The results suit me well! Soon as the next single is ready it is with pleasure I will take iPluggers for our radio promotion.

Industry Shout-out MGZC Media: Just wanted to send love and many thanks to the crew at iPluggers. We are currently featuring various iPluggers artists on our network of stations. Thank you for your great service and please continue to keep the groove beautiful!!

Industry Shout-out Beat Sekas - Progressive House Act: Thanks for all the great work you are doing and the worldwide airplay we have received.

Industry Shout-out Matthias - Singer/songwriter The iPluggers system looks beautiful and is efficient to work with. Really great service!

Industry Shout-out Kingdom Of Music - Inusa I really like the user-friendliness of your site and I have a very good feeling to seek for your service!

Industry Shout-out Radio STM Thank you & the radio promotion team‚ for the service. I have found some of the better music coming from iPluggers.

Industry Shout-out Hofman and Company This is the best tool I've seen for years in the music business and the execution is very professional. I have no doubts in my mind that's it's going to work for all parties involved.

Industry Shout-out Altair 6 Records Congratulations to iPluggers. The number one distribution channel in getting your music to radio stations worldwide! They are simply the best in business to work with. You should be here too, right now! Just plug in and enjoy

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