How it works

How our radio promo works


  • Established in 2010, iPluggers has revolutionized the radio promotion industry.
  • We use and maintain our own radio promotion system to digitally serve over 35.000 radio stations worldwide with high-quality music for airplay.
  • Releases are promoted genre-based in all genres to FM, AM, local, internet, digital, satellite, national network, community, college and in-store stations.
  • With a proven track record (pun definitely intended) of 12 years and counting and our personal and dedicated client support, it’s obvious why our platform is trusted by so many (major) labels and artists worldwide.
  • Promote your music genre-based to radio stations worldwide (in up to 3 genres), starting at 499 euro for a single for a 4 weeks intensive campaign.
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35.000+ radio stations

FM radio - Local radio - Digital radio - National network radio - College stations - Soundsystems - AM radio - Internet radio - Satellite radio - Syndicated radio shows - In-store radio

Effective plugging

iPluggers’ worldwide radio promo is done by our own in-house developed and maintained technology. Your music reaches the right people at the right time.

How do we do this?

We do not e-mail blast random radio stations as other so called ‘radio promotion companies’ do. Radio stations have signed up for an account with us and have selected which genres they want to receive. Your music is promoted efficiently and purposefully to music directors, music programmers and DJs that want to receive your release.

Aged to perfection

iPluggers has been doing radio promo since 2010. We know radio promo.

Guarantee on results

If your release does not obtain promo results within 3 months, we will give you your money back.

Create your profile

You can (and should) complete and maintain your iPluggers profile (online press kit): add your biography, photos, videos, social media links and more.

Promo reports

Login to your account to get insight in which radio stations from which countries have downloaded your music for airplay. Additionally you can receive feedback and interview requests from radio stations.

Interview requests

If you’re available for interviews, you can activate the ‘interview request’ feature. If you or the artist you represent would like to give interviews, activate this and radio stations can request an interview.

Territory restrictions

Optionally set one or more territory restrictions for your release. This is especially useful if your release is exclusively licensed for promo in certain territories.

Please note that our 100% guarantee is not applicable for territory restricted releases.

Our 'forever' dedication

Your release will stay available for airplay ‘forever’. (New) radio stations can always browse and download your music.This means your release can (and often will) get picked up for even more airplay after the initial campaign.

Your music can be downloaded infinite times.

Exclusive radio promo

We have a strict A&R policy: we do not promote releases that are not suitable for our network. This is one of the reasons our plugging service is so efficient.

Dedicated client support

We pride ourselves on our personal and dedicated support.
Need anything? Shoot us an email via, we’d be happy to hear from you!

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