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Established in 2010, iPluggers uses its own dedicated digital radio promotion system to serve over 35.000 radio stations worldwide with quality music for airplay.

We promote music genre-based, in all genres to FM, AM, local, internet, digital, satellite, national network, community, college and in-store stations.

We do not just e-mail blast random radio stations: radio stations have signed up for an account with us, indicating which genres of music they want to receive. We send out light-weight e-mail notifications directly to the right inbox, where music directors, music programmers and DJs are eagerly awaiting new additions for their playlist. We named this technology ‘plugging’, hence the name iPluggers.

This is one of the factors that makes our service so efficient: your release is wanted and expected. Our results speak for itself and amongst our clients are major labels (Sony, Warner, Universal Music), independent labels with high quality new music releases and artists that use our network to get (more) airplay and to build their international fan base.

Companies we plug for:

Chart artists we plug for:

Snoop Dogg
Tito Jackson
Janet Jackson
Mario Winans
Gigi D'Agostino
Daddy Yankee

Although our system is technically advanced, we cultivate the relationships we have with our extensive network of radio stations, labels and artists. We do not buy airplay, but effectively promote your music to real radio stations worldwide. Our trust in the strength of our network runs so deep that we give a guarantee on results. No results within 3 months and we will give you back your investment.

To see the results on the worldwide radio promotion of your music, you can login to your account and view or download a report which details which radio station from which country has downloaded your music for airplay. Next to this, there’s the possibility to activate the “interview requests” feature. If you or the artist you represent would like to give interviews, activate this and radio stations can request an interview.

Do know that we do not promote every release that is offered to us. To find out if you’re eligible for our radio promotion, sign up for an account, upload your music and request approval. We will listen to your music and if it is suitable for our network, we will get your music the airplay it deserves.

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