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We provide 35.000+ radio stations worldwide with high-quality music for their programming, completely free of charge.

We have a large database of high-quality music available, with new releases from (major) labels and indie artists being added daily.

With an account you can browse our extensive library, listen to releases and download tracks you’d like to include on your playlist. We provide artist information (video’s, biography, discography and more) and you can even request interviews with our artists to further round out your programming.

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  • An account for radio makers is completely free.
  • Music is available in various genres, spanning 200+ sub genres.
  • All tracks are curated using a strict A&R procedure.
  • You can request interviews with artists.
  • You can give airplay feedback on tracks you download for airplay.
  • All music can be previewed and downloaded online: large audio files will no longer clog up your inbox.
  • Song information is provided for each track, both as id3tags and optional label copy download.
  • Every artist and label has their own profile page where you can find extensive information (such as biography, discography, pictures, videos, social media links)

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