Atwater Collective

Atwater Collective

United States


Atwater Collective is a super group from Los Angeles composed of Bryan Dobbs, Mary Grace and Vince Green
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Blood Moon

  • 1. Blood Moon (Radio Edit)

Song from the Quarantine

  • 1. Third and Figueroa (Radio)
  • 2. Burning Man (Radio Edit)
  • 3. Died on the Vine (Radio Edit)
  • 4. Watch It Unravel (Radio Edit)
  • 5. Catch a Falling Knife (radio edit)
  • 6. Eyes Like Home (Radio Edit)
  • 7. Santa Got Covid (radio edit)
  • 8. Salt in the Wound (radio edit)
  • 9. Blind Faith (Radio Edit)
  • 10. Kansas Night (Radio Edit)
  • 11. California Stars (Radio Edit)

Burning Man

  • 1. Burning Man (Radio Edit)

Third & Figueroa feat. Mary Grace

  • 1. Third & Figueroa (radio)

Santa Got Covid

Holiday MusicCountryPop
  • 1. Santa Got Covid