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Industry Shout-Outs

Stage Republic: iPluggers are plugging a big hole in a fading music industry, presenting artists with a sea of airplay opportunities. They're credible, accountable and they deliver the goods. Recommended.
Acoustique Juice: I was just about to thank you for the great job you guys have been doing. We used the last money we had on ipluggers and we're very thankful it has gone well. Both Kate and I really appreciate your great service .
Jeff & Staff WJMX Radio: WOW we found several very TALENTED Artist that compliment our genre. We have also contacted these Artists and let them know that we are now broadcasting their music and also posted a FB shout-out for each one of them. We are excited because they all submitted to us additional tracks/Cds to broadcast for them. We have made new friends and are really excited about this.
Rob Tomaro: iPluggers is the best. All my new releases are gonna be with iPluggers from now on
Mike Parenti (Creation Mind): I was very pleased with the promo. HUGE thank you's to the iPluggers team. I appreciate all you did. You guy's went "over and above" the call of duty. Thank you VERY much!
Celebs Entertainment: I really appreciate your help, services and the level of professionalism you execute. Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
MGZC Media: Just wanted to send love and many thanks to the crew at iPluggers. We are currently featuring various iPluggers artists on our network of stations. Thank you for your great service and please continue to keep the groove beautiful!!
Denny Fongheiser and Kim Adamis - Label Managers Sonic Bliss Productions LLC: iPluggers is a great partner. Kind, Efficient, Helpful and full-on Pro!! We at Sonic Bliss Productions are grateful and will continue our presence here.
Sven Hessel - Hella Donna Management: We are happy about the great cooperation with the iPluggers team!
Beat Sekas - Progressive House Act: Thanks for all the great work you are doing.
Aloud Records - Landry DJ: The results suit me well! Soon as the next single is ready it is with pleasure I take ipluggers.
Jazz FM Radio: I look forward to presenting some great music to our listeners with your service!
Kiss FM: We are very excited by the possibilities of your service and look forward to being not just users of your system but Kiwi advocates for your service.
ZYX Music: Very transparent services
Pulseradio: I personally have to say the quality of the releases and associated information is very good.
Hofman and Company: This is the best tool I've seen for years in the music business and the execution is very professional. I have no doubts in my mind that's it's going to work for all parties involved.
Matthias - Singer/songwriter: The iPluggers system looks beautiful and is efficient to work with. Really great service!
Pieter Burger: I am impressed with your turnaround and personal attention.
Kingdom Of Music - Inusa: I really like the user-friendliness of your site and i have a very good feeling to seek for your service!
Altair 6 Records: Congratulations to Ipluggers. The number one distribution channel in getting your music on to radio stations worldwide! They are simply the best in business to work with. You should be here too, right now! Just plug in and enjoy!
Pandovisia - Alternative / Electronica Band: We have chosen iPluggers as our radio plugging platform in 2013. We would like to say thanks to Marvin and his crew for great communication and help in setting our page on iPluggers website.
Radio STM: Thank you & the staff‚ for the service. I have found some of the better music coming from iPluggers than other distributors.
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