Little Cabin Entertainment

Little Cabin Entertainment

Record label
United States


It all started as an idea…
Back in 2009, entertainment industry vet Ann Silberman bought a small sliver of property in the North Woods of Wisconsin. Peacefully nestled on a river connecting a chain of twelve gorgeous lakes, she began construction on her little hideaway - a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. The original Little Cabin began as a 14x30 foot hunter’s cabin, barely big enough to fit her tall, Nordic, five person family for more than a week at a time. But she soon realized that this cabin wasn’t only a getaway, it was a new home - a safe space for the development of the record company that she had always envisioned. And in 2013, Little Cabin Entertainment was finally born.

Little Cabin is now a full-service independent record label focused on hands-on efforts with our artists. Simple. Complete. Assured. Trustworthy. Our label works closely with only the best in the business, including top-of-the-line press/publicity firms, sync licensing companies, and one of the largest music, film, and video distribution companies in the world. The services we provide include A&R, radio, production of audio and visual content, publishing, social media marketing expertise, and global distribution to hundreds of digital and mobile outlets.

We would love to welcome you to the family.

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