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TWCB – about us
Unbelievable! What a bonanza time we have!
Musically, we were already "linked" for a long time. But the idea of a country band was pushed ahead of us. The time was apparently not right for us yet.
But in September 2017 we fnally had enough. There just was not enough live country music in Austria. The frst concert was arranged quickly. We worked hard and had a lot of fun to create „our sound“. But our joy in the matter was even greater: The frst concert already packed! Incredible.
And how did it continue? Logically with the second concert. And?
What can we say, the hall was full again. Madness. More and more guests came to the other concerts. The program was constantly expanded. Guest musicians invited. Fireworks of fun shared with our audience.
Own songs have been created. The frst album "The Journey" was recorded in 2018. The single „Christmas In The Country“ was released in 2019 and in 2020 Corona couldn't stop us. „Little Love Song“ was produced. In 2021 it will be released worldwide. Give a little love. Get a little love. That's how 2021 will be great!
Let the journey continue. Yeehaw!

TWCB = The Western Country Band
We play Country Music and originate from the western part of Austria
Austria = The Land of „Sound Of Music“, Arnold Schwarzenegger, W.A.Mozart, Falco, Skiing, Mountains in the middle of Europe

Little Love Song (TWCB)

… a little bit of craziness
… a little bit of happiness
… a little bit of good mood
… a little bit of love
… a little bit of rock
… a little bit of pop
… a little bit of country
… a „Little Love Song“

Following the debut album „The Journey“ and the wintry-romantic single „Christmas in the Country“ the four members of TWCB (The Western Country Band) release „Little Love Song“. A happy little song about deep love.
Love rocks!

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The Western Country Band

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Little Love Song

  • 1. Little Love Song

Christmas in the Country

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  • 1. Christmas in the Country