TVORCHI (Eurovision 2023 participants from Ukraine) is a music band whose name is getting louder and louder every day not only in the Ukrainian music industry but also beyond. Within days, their music was being praised on social media by notable figures of Ukrainian and European music scene. In a bizarre sign of the band’s growing popularity and implicit recognition of its easy-listening surface appeal, TVORCHI is concurring the hearts and souls of a diverse group of listeners.

No new band of the past few years has sneaked up on Ukrainian music scene as completely as TVORCHI, two guys – Andrew (Ukrainian), and Jeffery (Nigerian). They don’t have any professional music education. TVORCHI are two young pharmacists from Ukrainian city Ternopil (which is 400 km from the capital – Kyiv) who once met on the street. Now they create music together that makes most people wonder: “Oh wow, is this Ukrainian group? Really?”
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[Eurovision 2023] Heart of Steel

PopElectronicAdult Contemporary
  • 1. Heart of Steel (Eurovision Version)
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