Scott Kirby

Scott Kirby

United States


Singer/Songwriter indie-folk blues artist, Scott Kirby is known for being one of the best and busiest musicians in northern Wisconsin. Kirby's sound is a mix of blues and country and bluegrass and folk... bluecountry folkgrass. Speaking from his heart and sharing his authentic connection to music has helped Kirby forge his way thru the past 2 decades. "Scott Kirby essentially defying the odds, leaving us no other conclusion to draw to other than the fact that his remarkable connection to music is so freakishly authentic and wonderful that you couldn’t mistake it for anything else."- Jer @ SleepingBagStudios
2024 semifinalist in Tennessee Songwriters Week, Member of the Blue Canvas Orchestra, Individual Artist Grant recipient from the Northern Arts Council in 2021, 2009 first runner up at Big Top Chautauqua's celebration of song festival.
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