Since his birth in 1992 music has always been a companion and constant feature in RJay's life. His father a Congolese vocalist and guitar player undoubtedly added his natural musical abilities.

While the drive has always been RJay's, at the tender age of 6 he started to sing and play guitar which greatly impressed his dad who encouraged him to continue to strive. At the age of 10 RJay entered a talent show which showcased his talent to a broader audience, at present, this 27 year old is a force who works as both a songwriter and a producer for various artist throughout Europe. Voice, presence, appeal, he has it all. Sit back, relax,listen, and enjoy the smooth sound of RJay.
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Just One Day At A Time

PopR&B / SoulEasy Listening
  • 1. Just One Day At A Time
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