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Art Instead of Hamster Wheel: The Revolution of a Former Left Activist into the Sugar Baby Artist Life

Between the cliffs of materialistic commerce and the shores of political ideals, Piper 57 grants fascinating insights into her adventurous and unconventional life as a DIY artist. After a one-year creative hiatus, the young artist is now determined to allow deeper insights and unveil her stories in an autobiographical work. Leading up to Piper's debut album is a journey from left radicalism to sugar dating with all its facets.

Since 2020, Piper has provided glimpses into her tumultuous emotional world and, in her first EP "Fake ID," discusses her own experiences with themes like slut-shaming, identity crises, and sugar dating. Her genre, which she names "Piperpop," combines these profound lyrics with catchy hooks and bass-driven productions. With her latest single, titled provocatively "Should've Been A Dick To You," Piper reached 400,000 organic streams on Spotify, secured a spot in the SALT Editorial Playlist, and thereby signaled that she doesn't need a label to attract attention with her music.

Piper 57 has always lived by her motto "My Way or the Highway" and has steadfastly pursued her dreams since the age of 17. Her journey took her from Los Angeles to Berlin, where she became politically active, back to the USA in Las Vegas. As a member of the Revolutionary Socialist Organization, she fought against capitalism and patriarchy but struggled even then with severe depression and mood swings.

This was followed by a phase of sugar dating during the COVID-19 crisis, emotional challenges, and eventually a borderline diagnosis. Laura Julie found support in Ford Brown, a poker player and hotel owner, who sponsored her artistic education and therapy projects.

Already labeled as a „superficial doll girl“ in school, Piper now heralds a new, self-confident era under the motto "Spiritual Sugar Baby.“

"Love Bombing" delves into the fascinating encounter of the then mid-20s artist with a successful, older architect in Berlin, whom she had met on a sugar dating platform. Despite his seemingly stable life situation, the man revealed a series of significant red flags, including daily cocaine consumption and hastily expressed declarations of love. Initially presenting himself as a savior, he created emotional dependence through alternating expressions of feelings and subsequent ignoring/ghosting. Laura quickly saw through this manipulative game, organized a session with five of her best songwriter friends, and the song "Love Bombing" was born. "Love Bombing" will be released on 09.02.2024.

In subsequent releases, Piper 57 will share further experiences from this twilight world of dating to draw attention to it.
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