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From the Inferno to Paradise

The experiences that she went through have put a deep mark on her personality, but never stopped her from seeing the beautiful side of life. PAX, the producer with a life worthy of a movie screenplay, releases an invitation to “Paradise”, her latest track. Crazy about computers and technology, which she became passionate about ever since she was little, PAX gives her own definition of happiness in the track that can be listened to here:

Growing up in the worst neighbourhood you could possibly imagine, with hardly any friends to hang out with, PAX quickly developed a strong passion for technology. Having to deal with losing her family to drug abuse and street violence, PAX found relief in coding and learning programming languages inside her dark and rusty garage.

Years later, she got caught while hacking the US Government websites and decided to pursue a music career, mainly because she felt that mastering computers wasn’t a challenge anymore. Her music is deeply connected to her roots: purely digital sounds, with stunning bit depth and an impressive dynamic range.
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