Octivia aka Kingskid

Octivia aka Kingskid

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Octavia Denise Earline Gathers A.K.A KINGSKID, was born and raised in Miami, FL who seeks to continue to shed light on the talent that emerges from the city of Miami, and the impact Miami-Dade County has in the entertainment world. She is best known for being a complete package - songwriter, singer, composer, rapper and oratorical speaker. Her genre of music is comprised of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Pop. This multi-talented artist with the creation of her own entertainment company, Ova Entertainment & DocFlyBeatz, has partnered with Empire Distribution to release her anticipated hit single ‘Michael Jaxon’! The single is set to be released November 2017 with her album to follow shortly thereafter.

Born with the gift of song flowing through her soul, Octavia stated in one of her tracks ‘Take You There’ that she has “found her purpose”. Indeed she has. Octavia started singing as a child mimicking her grandmother, as she would sing old negro spirituals and gospel hymns while walking to the bus stop in the mornings. At the age of seven, Octavia started performing all over Miami-Dade County, reciting oratorical presentations of poetry from Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni and Maya Angelou, just to name a few. Being on the stage was Octavia’s happy place. She had the presence that would win over audiences and still has the innate ability to light up any stage. As a youth, Octavia was presented with the notable honor to perform for both Vice President Dan Quail and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

She decided to pursue her music career at the age of thirteen and started her own singing group 4U2NV with her best friend, Dr. Que, who produced Octavia’s upcoming album. Since the pursuit of her professional music career, Octavia has performed at several events to include spotlight nights at Club Cristal, Club Skyline, Club Tempo Live and Trick Daddy Loves the Kids Back to School Event. Even as she embarks on a professional career in entertainment, Octavia continues to hold on to her spiritual roots and is currently the Praise Team Leader at Genuine Love International Family Ministries.

Octavia has been performing her entire life and there’s no doubt that she is destined for greatness. It’s her time to shine. She’s truly a King’s Kid and as she has stated, “it IS her season”. Catch Octavia AKA KINGSKID as she tours for her single ‘Michael Jaxon’!
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