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North Ship is for everyone looking for an immersive new sound created with a unique blend of programmed electronics, real guitars and live drums.

North Ship is Copenhagen-based singer, guitarist and songwriter Tom Golzen, and drummer Francis Nørgaard Jensen. Reviewers have described the band’s organic tones and synth-rock as “alternative rock”, “post-rock”, “synth wave”, “indie psychedelia”, and even “post-punk”. But whatever the label, the contents are the same. It’s exciting, immediate and intense.

Tom has been pro, semi-pro and then enthusiastic amateur for 110 years. Francis is a hugely respected veteran of the Copenhagen rock and jazz scene. Both musicians dive deep into all sorts of genres for inspiration but their approach to songwriting is straightforward: make it sound simple, keep it rootsy, try to experiment.

As for the results, comparisons have been drawn with Bowie’s Blackstar period, Arctic Monkeys, Talk Talk, Modest Mouse's “The Moon & Antarctica”, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, as well as 90s-influenced alternative rock. It’s working, too. North Ship are picking up good reviews online and currently have around 15000 listeners monthly on Spotify.

“A scintillating blend of electronic and traditional rock arrangements makes Plastic House, the latest release from the Scandinavian rockers, one of their most innovative and offbeat ones yet.”
Find No Enemy

“Intense drums, breaking synths and charismatic loud personality behind the mic fuse with slick skilled riffs and cold ambient atmosphere on this artificial home, “Plastic House”
Pigeon Opinion 4 ever

”We are hypnotized by North Ship‘s blend of electronics and live guitar, with drums and vocals on the composition.”

“Cascades of live drums and waves of psychedelic guitars are harmoniously combined with electronic vibes. The vocals magnetically attract our attention with their deep lyrics and artistic manner of singing.”
Indie Dock Music blog

“With an incredible sound, North Ship is sure to cause an impact!”
How indie rock got bigger than ever

“North Ship break a lot of rules with their new single Plastic House. The duo presents an eclectic arrangement that trends close enough to a popular melodic design to feel familiar, while retaining an otherworldly sonic presence.”
The wild is calling

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Plastic House

  • 1. Plastic House
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Green Light

  • 1. Green Light
Please note that this release has certain territory restrictions.