Martin af

Martin af

United States


Martin af is not your normal artist. These songs you'll be hearing in the coming months only happened because he wanted to demo the guitars that he hand builds for his company Maudal Musical Machines. Google it. These instruments have been shown at some of the most prestigious guitar shows in the world. The guitars you hear in Sally Synaesthesia are both his creations. and he only started doing *that* after decades of being a professional drummer.

Sally Synaesthesia is a song that challenges identity and how we choose to see ourselves while evoking kickin at the beach or throwing Mardi Gras beads at a passing parade. The groove, tight horn arrangements, and wickedly slick guitar work comfortably fill the space Steely Dan left behind. Brittany O'Neill perfectly embodies Sally's psyche, delivering a sly and insinuating performance. The kids dance and visualize, and the adults identify with it's infectious sophistication.
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Sally Synaesthesia

  • 1. Sally Synaesthesia