Hurricane Girls

Hurricane Girls

Saint Martin


Musical groups usually arise spontaneously. For the group Hurricane it can and can not be said that it was created so. On September 6, Hurricane Irma breaks down several islands among them and St. Marten, after which Maria completed it. Tens of thousands of families were left without home, water and food.
Among the first I participated in the rescue and reconstruction of St. Martena. But that was not enough. Extensive help was needed on the other side and in no way had it arrived. I wanted to send this picture of devastation in another original way – a song. The group was founded on November 1, 2017. (Sanja, Ksenija and Ivana) in Belgrade (8103 km of air space of St. Marten). We were barely waiting for the song to be sent to the whole world and to say that St. Marten lives and will be the same as it was.
The debut is Irma & Maria, and we will continue on …
Zoran Milinković
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Hurricane Girls

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