HiSQ & Terri and Norman Bergen

HiSQ & Terri and Norman Bergen

Ässä Records


”I’ll Never Let You Go”, introduction:
HiSQ is known for catchy tunes from many genres. Now they try rockin’ country! They teamed
up with Norman Bergen, a legend who wrote for instance ”Only A Fool Breaks His Own
Heart”. Norman asked his wife Terri to sing this duet with him. It’s like Willie Nelson and
Dolly Parton reunited! The HiSQ band wanted their original song to sound both modern and
traditional with slap-bass and everything. Luckily they also got Norman to play the piano solo.
”I’ll Never Let You Go” with Terri and Norman Bergen tells a story that HiSQ hopes nobody
can relate to! But hey, it’s still a compelling country tune!
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I'll Never Let You Go

  • 1. I'll Never Let You Go