Tomy Ge

Tomy Ge

HDM Records
United States


Tomy Ge is a seasoned artist, writer, arranger and producer who has joined with Hadley Murrell to create a smash hit record entitled, "ichocolate" in release on the HDM Records label.
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Sista Sista

R&B / SoulPop
  • 1. Sista Sista

Humpty Dumpty

R&B / SoulPop
  • 1. Humpty Dumpty

Savannah (Soul of the Plains)

R&B / SoulPopWorld
  • 1. Savannah (Soul of the Plains)

I've Put a Spell on You

R&B / SoulPop
  • 1. I've Put a Spell on You

iChocolate (Remix)

R&B / SoulLatinPop
  • 1. iChocolate (Remix)


R&B / SoulPopLatin
  • 1. iChocolate