Elise Lunden

Elise Lunden

E. Lundén Music AB


As a melodic and versatile, yet carefully lyrical, singer-songwriter, Elise Lunden combines folk pop with classical influences in order to speak straight to the heart. With her strong and tender soprano voice, as well as her characteristic vibrato, she brings themes of love, loss and hope into a sonic landscape of tranquility where these humane emotions can be felt again as if for the first time.

Born in Stockholm in 1991, Elise spent over a decade discovering her singing and compositional voice. But before that, Elise and her twin sister Nina would spend their early days singing in harmonies by the piano and exploring different musical styles. When Elise went on to write her own music, the twins would more often spend time in music sessions surrounding Elise’s latest musical work. Since Elise’s sudden passing in 2019, Nina has continued to engage in her sister’s music as an ongoing project. This way, Elise’s empathic, emotional and elegant artistry is able to stay in bloom.

The first released EP, Exchanging Silent Sounds, is based on home recordings Elise made for notebook keeping between 2012-2016. Using vocal isolation techniques, Elise’s voice has been extracted and new arrangement added in collaboration with Swedish music producer Daniel Bengtson, as well as some of Sweden’s most prominent musicians. Since its release in 2022, the music has caught the attention of local radio stations in several countries, including the UK and the US.
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