Dana Karic

Dana Karic

United Kingdom


Dana Karic (pron. Dahnah Kahrich) has a distinctive, smooth voice, accompanied by a warm intimacy, a delicious raspiness that is a delight to listen to.
She recorded a double disk jazz album (Our Secret Place: Sun & Moon), featuring her vocal favourite jazz songs and two songs of her own, ‘My One and Only’ and ‘Til I looked into your eyes’.
She loves music and exploring different genres and styles of singing.
She recorded her first solo album in 2010. She has always been interested in the behind the scenes of music and so she produced and wrote this entire album.
She was a member of the Serbian pop duo D’n’D with which she recorded three studio albums and won prestigious awards from 1999-2009.
She has a background in classical music. She was a trained classical pianist, winning many awards and competitions, and playing many concerts in her youth.
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Dana Karic

Our secret place: sun and moon



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Free Birds Fly High: a Visual Journey of Love

Easy ListeningInspirationalWorld
  • 1. I Lose Count
  • 2. I Am (JA)
  • 3. La tua dolcezza (your sweetness)
  • 4. Savrseno (perfect)
  • 5. Prestala sam da brojim (I Lose Count - Serbian version)
  • 6. Trenutak (moment)