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Captaïn Kidd & Le Grotesque, started out making music 2020, and are part of Milky Way Collective. Its a movement, where they independently make music with the best talented and upcoming people all over the world through Internet. They are in the genre of new super producers.

This is our debut song about Chicago rapper Juice WRLD sadly passed away on December 8, 2019.
Only just 21 years old with a skyrocketing carreer he entered the Club 21, where rappers such as XXXTentacion, Lil Peep, Jimmy Wopo and 6 Dogs are members. "The club" consists of rappers who passed away before they turned 22 years old. Juice WRLD sang in his song Legends "whats the 27 Club? We aint make it pass 21" where he refers to the club with Rockstars who passed away before they turned 28.

This is for all fans and people who loves him grieving the loss listening to Juice WRLD all nights long in sorrow. With tears in our eyes thinking of one of the greatest artists of all time leaving us all to early. We did not only fall in love with Juices music, but also his lyrics.

When browsing Juice WRLDs last instagram post on celebrating his birthday just days before his chocking unexpected death, we where overwhelmed over the people from all over the world griefs and sends their love. Its works as a digital graveyard for people. After visiting Juices Instagram post in almost every day for several months, we felt that we needed to make this song to process the sadness and sense of emptyness we felt and still feel. No more Juice-music :(. We want to show how beautiful and strong the Juice community out there are!

We now want to inspire, and give hope to all the people out there with mental illness or other psychological challenges, or people that are just sad or struggling, and need comfort. You are not alone! This is our first release of four parts about Club 21 and these tracks will also be included in forthcoming album "Club 21" that will be released 2021.

Thanks Juice for your inspiration to us to start making music. RIP, peace and 999 - Legends never die
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Club 21 Juice

R&B / SoulRap / Hip-Hop
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