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Andreas Aleman is actually a fairly experienced musician, who has released records and made a lot of concerts. But due to various reasons, he has stayed in the "background".
Now is the time to take the next step and reach the big audience...
He took the first step in March 2023, when he secretly auditioned for ”Sweden Got Talent” at National TV4.
It resulted in both a standing ovation and a GOLDEN BUZZER from the jury member Johanna Nordström. This took him straight to the final where he also put in an outstanding performance. Although he did not win, he was praised by the jury who were truly moved by Andrea's soulful singing and incredible voice.

Andreas Aleman was born and raised in Södertälje. Nowadays he lives in Gustavsberg outside Stockholm. When he was 3 years old, he started playing piano and writing simple songs.
His parents' taste in music was contagious and after school he used to rush home to listen to their records. This exposed him to Soul, Funk, Blues & Gospel music and it influenced both his musical taste and future musical style.
As a 12-year-old, he got to play with a rock band that consisted of his 4-year-old brother and his friends. Andreas played in various bands during his adolescence and attended a 3-year high school program and at the age of 16, he began working as a musician but also as a bandmaster in various bands and for a lot of gospel choirs.
Andreas was, among other things, a pianist in the start-up (and a few years later) of the Tensta Gospel Choir in 1996 together with a choir director. This was started as a project with the aim of working for integration between young people from different cultures.
There is no doubt that Andreas has one of Sweden's most beautiful soul voices. He has a capacity to get an entire audience totally wild, for in the next moment, calmly touch them for real. He stands for musical quality at all levels. The sound is a fantastic mix of soul, funk, R&B, West Coast and gospel.
The voice, the songs and the feeling in the music have caused many to compare Andreas with some of the greatest. He has released 4 albums and various singles with self-written music.
Andreas has also written musics for artists as Laura Pausini, Gary Valenciano and others and on the single "Celebrate The Season" he sings a duet with the American soul star and five-time Grammy winner, Michael McDonald.
He has performed in Sweden, Europe and the USA at various clubs and festivals.

Andreas will release the single” Christmas Forever” December 1, 2023.
and the new lovely single Mad Love February 14 on Valentine`s Day

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Andreas Aleman

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