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Sano Hill is a singer-songwriter based in Galway (Ireland) currently recording his debut album. His songs are inspired by life, love and loss and he has played to audiences in the US and Ireland with his work released already to critical acclaim on compilation albums, including 'Origin: See the Light', 'New Horizons', and 'Inundations' (which also featured music from leading international acts, including Josh Ritter, Ron Sexsmith, Lloyd Cole, Damien Rice, Mundy and The Frames). “Circlewalk” – released on July 29 – is the third single from his forthcoming album (music review responses to "Circlewalk" as well as his acclaimed previous singles “The Climb” and “Starting Over” are available here: The forthcoming album as a whole (titled “If Not Now, When?”) charts the course of a relationship from hopeful beginnings, to emotional crises, breakup and recovery. “CircleWalk” is a darker song than the previous releases, dealing with the challenging subject of communication breakdown in a relationship, when two people can't find the words to say how they feel and instead walk in circles around what they need to say. This song is about expression, about breaking the silence. It features a full band sound, driving chorus and memorable final refrain. It was recorded at Dublin's legendary Windmill Lane Studios with award-winning producer Larry Hogan.
Sano Hill “is blessed with a strong and distinctive voice” (Galway Advertiser) and his work has been described as defining “a timeless recipe for original guitar music: inventive, humanist lyrics sung from the gut, then embedded in rhythms to barrage or soothe the soul" (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel). For leading Irish music magazine, Hot Press, Sano Hill daringly “tries to capture the sound, sense and smell of Galway in a similar vein to Van Morrison's finest compositions about his native Belfast." (Hot Press).

Selected Review Extracts for 'CircleWalk'

" “CircleWalk” is Sano Hill’s best offering to date. Here, the golden, ever-lasting, and infectious retro vibe reaches an emotional climax to a point that the time has stopped and everything will be forever lavishing and flamboyant...Hill’s vocal is undoubtedly the soul of the piece. It’s flavorful and expressive. It takes the listeners onto a whole new level of musical sensation that is unlike other songs...“CircleWalk” is a non-linear sonic box that preserves the best of the past and present. It’s a song that leaves an impression in your head for long as if the buzz will always be a part of your memory." -

" 'CircleWalk'... proves that Sano Hill is a real artist who knows how to write insightful, soulful songs taken from life itself. We love his sensual vocals, professional arrangements and the originality of his compositions." -

"Right from the intro, you’ll find your body swaying to its grooves. The bass lines with the wind instruments harmonize with Hill’s playful, passionate performance to give a spark. The instrumentation is ideally structured to add colors to such a gloomy subject. Sano Hill is a talented musician who makes organic music. That’s not a new deduction. I came to this realization right after I heard and reviewed his single, “The Climb.” His songwriting is remarkable, and he’s able to deliver his meaningful message through every element of his work." -

"A brilliant and exciting track that’s all about communication... The ending is phenomenal, with a refrain that sticks in our heads and make us dance and sing along." -

"The melody is a masterpiece brought to sonic glory by the full band. Hill’s vocals ride the waves of the sound to tug at your emotions and make you want to listen to the track over and over." -

"Bringing back more of that rich and dynamic direction he has cultivated for himself, his newest release offers another heady dose of sweeping textures and soaring atmosphere that we simply can't get enough of." -

"The arrangement and recording work on the song is phenomenal and expressive. The versatile guitars and saxophone provide good textural timbres. Hill’s powerful vocals coupled with the tight arrangement propel the song to the next level. CircleWalk is a stunning rock song that will keep you humming and tapping your feet." -

" 'CircleWalk', a folk/indie rock single,  is a revolutionary creation ... His vocals are unique and hard to explain but its entrancing to listen to them. Sano Hill is a rising star; he has a unique sound that anyone could enjoy and find comfort in." -

"‘CircleWalk’ is a beautifully vibrant and uplifting Folk Rock track that exudes creative energy. The song starts off with an energizing drum roll that quickly takes the listener into a funky progression that generates feelings of freedom and bliss almost instantly. Sano Hill’s warm and upfront vocals make themselves known shortly after as his lyrics tell a vivid story about love and loss...The theme of this track is just as amazing as the overall sound of the song" -

"What a beautiful song. As soon as I hit the play button I was fascinated by this melody. The musical arrangements are great. The bass ventures into intricate melodic phrasing followed like a shadow by the drums. The groove of this song is irresistible and makes you dance. The passionate and intense interpretation of Sano Hill is irresistible and I found myself singing with him"  -

"As soon as one hears Sano Hill's breathtakingly fun and beautiful voice, a smile will not leave the listener’s face. 'CircleWalk' is already making big waves. I believe Sano Hill is the musician you've been waiting for. Bolstered by a powerful tune, his track graces us with dynamic and heart-warming melodies." -

"The pure vocals plus the intensity of the instruments is a perfect combination ... It’s almost like a goth rock opera. You will enjoy every single moment ... This euphoric three minute track will allow you to drift away as you head back into the forest and thank Sano Hill for taking you on this journey." -

"With vocals that remind us of Bono Vox, the track has an excellent guitar arrangement and great production that give even more value to all the emotion delivered to the listener and that reaches him throughout the hearing of this work."  -  [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"As with the previous single ‘Starting Over’, ‘CircleWalk’ has a bold, rich sound ... the element that screams desperation, melancholy and inner turmoil is Sano Hill’s vocal execution ... Sincere, sentimental, introspective and brutally honest, ‘CircleWalk’ connects with listeners on a deeper level ...  It’s inspiring, breath-taking and highly recommended." -                                       
" 'CircleWalk' has incredible orchestral power that comes from a very well-placed set of instruments. The composition is creative, powerful and has an overwhelming chorus that doesn't let the emotion drop" - [Brazilian publication in Portuguese]

"Hill’s voice is captivating, and keeps the listener engaged for the full length of the song." -

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