No Name Faces

No Name Faces



- "It feels good to be lost in the right direction"...

No Name Faces are one of the most exciting modern metal bands from Sweden at the moment. Self built and self funded, they have already built a solid fan base all over the world with almost 10k subs on YouTube and 15 million streams on Spotify, over a relatively short period of time. Growing every day.

NNF has been described as metal in a pop costume, heavily influenced by film music. A strong desire to constantly explore and learn from other genres, to add new ingredients into their own music. Morgan who started the band and writes the majority of the music has a clear idea of how it needs to be done:

- "I always write music that I love and would listen to myself, without compromising. A wide range of styles and moods but with a solid thread running through. Highly relatable lyrics that can be a helping hand in difficult times, such as Scars, Speak etc. It has become the NNF identity, and we are sticking to it."

Sebastien Flynn-Goze - Vocals
Morgan Lydemo - Guitars
Jonathan Lundberg - Drums
Soufian Ma'Aoui - Bass
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In the Name of What

  • 1. In the Name of What