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MIDI Kittyy

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Meet MIDI Kittyy, an emerging voice in EDM. With a unique style that appeals to traditional and modern music enthusiasts alike, her music reflects an appreciation for the art of storytelling through intimate lyricism. MIDI Kittyy’s music aims to help people understand themselves and to promote perceptions of the world without the limitations of their own preconceptions.

MIDI Kitty’s modern aesthetic reflects an inclusive philosophy where diversity is celebrated. Drawing inspiration from many types of music, she infuses her creations with unique elements from her roots in rock, blues, and electropop. MIDI Kittyy’s complex vocals are the focal point of her music, and her emotional vocal style is the medium with which she communicates the intimate narratives of her lyrics.

Her work showcases collaborations with emerging and established artists, working beyond traditional boundaries. MIDI Kitty’s collaborative approach come from her roots as a vocalist for live bands which developed her skills while fostering meaningful partnerships with other artists. Her upcoming projects aim to bridge gaps and foster understanding between people from all walks of life. This philosophy is an integral part of her identity as an artist, and she strives to use her platform to challenge prejudices and clarify perceptions, inspiring listeners to reflect on life’s journey.

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MIDI Kittyy

MIDI Kittyy

MIDI Kittyy

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Mea Culpa

  • 1. Mea Culpa


  • 1. Ignis (Future House Remix - Radio Edit)
  • 2. Ignis