James Leeds

James Leeds



Hi, I’m James Leeds, a composer, pianist and a record producer from Lucerne. I grew up in Zofingen, Switzerland and have English roots. I studied statistics in Leeds, UK, and worked for a long time in that sector.

It took time until my latest album Whenever was ready to be released. Actually, the first contribution dated back to when I was only 15. Then I composed the song Enjoying My Day but it only got finished 25 years later when my mum completed the lyrics.

Whenever contains mainly pop songs and I was lucky to feature some amazing singers from the UK and great musicians worldwide although I am an unknown producer.

My aim has always been to create a timeless album that will still be listened to, or so I hope, in a few years’ time. For that reason I set the rule that most instruments should be recorded live. Hopefully the effort was worthwhile and you enjoy listening to the music. For more information please browse my website www.jamesleeds.com. Thank you for listening and thereby supporting me.
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James Leeds

James Leeds

James Leeds

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I Played the Fool feat. JACOB

Easy ListeningPop
  • 1. I Played the Fool
  • 2. I Played the Fool (Unplugged Version)

Happy Days feat. Sora Lion

Easy ListeningPopBlues
  • 1. Happy Days

Whenever or Wherever feat. JACOB

PopEasy ListeningCountry
  • 1. Whenever or Wherever

Enjoying My Day feat. Kane Matthews

PopEasy ListeningBlues
  • 1. Enjoying My Day

You Say, I Say feat. Dazey, JACOB

PopEasy Listening
  • 1. You Say, I Say

You're So Magical feat. JACOB

Easy ListeningPop
  • 1. You're So Magical

There's a Place feat. Benjamin Moss

PopRockEasy Listening
  • 1. There's a Place (Radio Edit)
  • 2. There's a Place (Original Mix)

My Love-Light feat. Dennis DeMille

Easy ListeningPop
  • 1. My Love-Light

Good Morning feat. Kane Matthews

PopEasy Listening
  • 1. Good Morning

Thunderstruck feat. JACOB

Easy ListeningPopFolk
  • 1. Thunderstruck