Dr UD Obi

Dr UD Obi

United Kingdom


Holding a doctorate degree in Engineering, Dr UD Obi is a singer-songwriter who is very passionate about spreading the word of God and the message of peace and love through music. She has always loved music and sang in choirs since she was a child. Her music is mainly inspired by her Christian faith and her name Udoka, which means “Peace is great” in Igbo language. She is a very big fan of Lynda Randle, Whitney Houston, and Don Moen.
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Dr UD Obi

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Christmas LaDadada

Holiday MusicWorldChristian
  • 1. Christmas LaDadada

In My Praise

  • 1. In My Praise

Heal Our World, Heal Us

ChristianEasy Listening
  • 1. Heal Our World, Heal Us

Father of Mercy

  • 1. Father of Mercy