Deb Montgomery

Deb Montgomery

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"With a deeply emotive and timeless sound, Deb Montgomery continues to release incredible and multifaceted music. Increasingly active in the Seattle music scene after many years on stage in New York City and Toronto, Deb Montgomery finds herself concocting some of the best music of her long and storied career. Her newest album All The Water is a testament to the songstress’ mindblowing talent.

All the Water, With primal sounds of heavy drums and fattened bass, this edgy and energized EP brings her rock roots to the forefront and continues to explore the depths of grace needed to move through life’s vulnerabilities and losses. The beauty of arranged strings sprinkled throughout the album suggests the paradoxical lightness that can sound like grace in the midst of all else. All the Water attempts to invite the listener to Hold On while feeling the paradox that is both faith and falling, vulnerability and grit. "
Jabari Keefele

"Deb is probably one of the best songwriters out there right now. Her lyrics tell stories, speak of love and pain, but always with devastating eloquence.”
Huffington Post

"Montgomery’s rock roots bring together this edgy energized collection with a raw passion. It works and it’s superb. The more than twenty years and four studio albums, film credits, and stage appearances with superbly talented musicians, grounds and solidifies Deb Montgomery in the rock industry.”
Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide, "Folk Rock Artist Deb Montgomery Releases New EP All The Water To Rave Reviews"

"On her new EP, All the Water, Deb Montgomery digs in the dirt while reaching a new height of passion, musicality, and connection with her audience. The five dirges that comprise her newest effort drip with an engulfing sound that lifts up, while never overpowering the emotionality of her voice. Although at times intimate and mournful, her songs are lifted by an ambitious arrangement of tightly composed music. At the center of the EP, her voice powerfully and confidently delivers the central melodies. As a musician, singer, songwriter, and band leader, Montgomery has never been on more confident footing, and with good reason. The EP is a career achievement and an advancement on an already impressive catalogue of songs."
Elijah Dhaaven, Rain City Collective (Seattle, WA)

“Montgomery showcases an electric evolution on her new EP titled All the Water. The Seattle folk-rocker channels the virtue of Neil Young, the bravado of Patti Smith and the vulnerability of Conor Oberst on this tender yet triumphant five song EP.”
Know More Music Blog
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Deb Montgomery

Deb Montgomery

Deb Montgomery

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All The Water

  • 1. Wake Me
  • 2. Hold On
  • 3. Mend
  • 4. All the Water
  • 5. Dig for Diamonds