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Things are starting to heat up for Melissa Childers who is releasing her first single with The James Carratt Carratt Project.

Melissa Childers, of Rockton Illinois. Melissa is featured on the song entitled “Unwind” and critics are starting to take notice of this new up and coming artist.
We sat down with Melissa and talked about her music and her inspiration behind song writing.

JC: Where are you originally from?
MC: I’m originally from the Rockton, IL area and graduated from Hononegah High School.
JC: Did you take music or band classes in high school?
MC: I took 4 years of choir in high school and 1 year of jazz choir.
JC: You really have a tone in your voice that sets you apart from other artists. Tell me who were your musical influences growing up
MC: Shania Twain, Reba McCentire, Jo dee Messina, Miranda lambert, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn
JC: I can definitely hear those styles in your music. Was the guitar your first instrument?
MC: No actually the clarinet was. I started playing in middle school but that didn’t last long.
JC: I see you’re from a very musical based family. How did they influence you?
MC: My dad plays rhythm guitar, grandpa, who has since passed away, use to play fiddle and also the guitar. My mom plays bass.
When I was 4 yrs old my aunt told me if I sing, “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain on the coffee table she would give me a quarter. So, of course I did.
My sister has a mental disability. She’s 23 and lives with my parents. Physically she is fine, mentally she is age of 8. She loves drums! She doesn't consistently play but she is mesmerized by them.
JC: Your married. Any songs about your husband?
MC: I wrote “Meant to Be” and “Long as I’m With You” especially for my husband Brady. He truly is my inspiration and has helped and supported me all along the way. He constantly helps advertise and promote my shows. He says if we make it big he’s coming on the road with me like Loretta Lynn’s husband, Beau.

JC: When did you write your first song?
MC: I wrote my first song when I was 18 years old. I had just started getting better at playing the guitar and took up songwriting, I have no idea what sparked my interest to do it, but I am glad I did.
JC: What was it and what was it about?
MC: My song was entitled, “Small Time Country Town”. I wrote it with my dad.
It’s about living in a small town, and how we can find happiness in just being at home with each other and playing music.
JC: Other than your husband, what else inspires you to write?

MC: I try to find things, places, topics that people can relate to. About half songs may be secretly about myself or my experiences and half about topics that are relatable to other people.
JC: Do you write the lyrics first or the music?
MC: I have written songs both ways; however, I find it easier to have the music and melody together first myself.
JC: Are there any local artists you look up to?
MC: Bree Morgan. She’s a great musician who is about my age. She has her own band license, and has inspired me to do my acoustic shows. I figured if she can do it, I can too!
Keep an eye out for Melissa Childers who has been getting booked at local clubs throughout the area. We expect great things from this new up and coming artist. Her new single, “Unwind” will be available June 18th 2019 on all digital distribution platforms.
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Melissa Childers

Melissa Childers

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