Billy Ray Norris

Billy Ray Norris

United States Minor Outlying Islands


“Take My Hand” is my personal favorite, sketching southern silhouettes of a sweet and timeless love — like my favorite movie “The Notebook.” It’s dedicated to my parents and grandparents, and inspired by the girl I've yet to find.
Released 2020
Fire Prince Music, Bmi
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A Little Dose of Heaven

  • 1. Slow Dance
  • 2. Her Daddy Had a Shotgun
  • 3. A Little Dose of Heaven
  • 4. Just Hold It Right There, Forever
  • 5. Waitin' for You
  • 6. It's Complicated
  • 7. I Couldn't Tell You
  • 8. I Love You Anyway
  • 9. My Cowgirl's in Quarantine (Remix)
  • 10. Mama, You Were There
  • 11. Take My Hand (Remix)

Take My Hand feat. Eve Selis

  • 1. Take My Hand