Apache Rose

Apache Rose



Apache Rose is an up-and-coming rock band from Moscow Russia.

Brought up on American and British rock bands of the 1970-1990's they make their own blend of rock and alternative grooves now.

Their debut single, "Tiny Love", created some buzz in US, UK and European music blogs, had mentions in the HypeMachine and gained radio airplay in the US, UK, Europe, Australia and South America.

They have gathered a substantial following through social networks, most notably Facebook. International tours are being considered for 2020-2021

Their second single "Attention!" is a feel-good rock track with funky verses and driving anthemic choruses. The ironic first-person lyrics expose the feelings of self-deprecating fledgling rock star: "put my Grammy for best whining/next the Oscar for best bitching". The video reinforces the message with the lyrics and band photos fitted into a newspaper format
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  • 1. Attention!