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Patsy Marie

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Patsy Marie: Voyage Entertainment Records is pleased to announce a new release that has been years in the making. And the wait has been well worth it. Jerry and Patsy co-owned a production company more than 20 years ago. Just recently, Patsy reconnected with Jerry on social media and they renewed their commitment to combine creative forces; Patsy’s sultry exciting voice with Jerry’s production. This album, the first in the collection of original songs highlights Patsy’s expanse of talent as a writer and performer. This album, though originally released on vinyl. (now a coveted collectors item) has been remixed and remastered and is now available streaming worldwide. This album sounds like hits of today and we believe it will be well received by a new generation of fans who will find themselves singing along. Enjoy!
Jerry Marcellino
(CEO Voyage Entertainment Records)
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Patsy Marie

The Patsy Marie Collection Vol 1.




Patsy Marie

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The patsy Marie Collection Vol 1.

CountryEasy ListeningPop
  • 1. It Ain't over Till it's Over
  • 2. Saturday Night
  • 3. Put Your Heart Away
  • 4. Nashville Moon
  • 5. Old Love in Your Heart
  • 6. I'm Always Gonna Be Your Girl
  • 7. Willie
  • 8. Long Love