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This holiday season, The Cides are spinning a different flavor of music. "Forgive and Forget at Christmas" is a holiday song for just about anybody. It explores the virtues of forgiveness, while partnering with the HAVOCA charity raising money for child abuse victims support.

The Cides founder Paul Hayward was the co-founder of The Molesters in the original days of punk. The Molesters delivered songs about social injustice, apartheid and equal rights. The Cides write political punk protest songs with uplifting sing-along anthems and melodic hooks.

When asked how the issues facing us now compare with the 70s – 80s Paul says:

It was my generation who fell asleep and let this happen, bribed and bought by some ephemeral carrot of material wealth – we sold out. We forgot that the world is not ours, forgot we are just the custodians for the next generation who has a right to freedom, equal opportunity, a right to live and work on this land.

This year, The Cides kicked off a string of singles and videos recorded and produced by the legendary John Cornfield of Sawmills Studio (Muse, Oasis, Supergrass). The punk rock cut “Wakeup England” (April 8), “That’s Not Love” (May 20), and “Red Light Situation (July 22). Now “Black Flag” (Oct 7).

Official Website:
Instagram @The_Cides
Facebook @TheCides

The Cides are:
Paul Hayward - vocals, guitar
Joe Bradley - bass
Jack Goodwin-Hayward - drums
Yannick Tournier - guitar
Bart - vocals
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The Cides

The Cides

The Cides

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Forgive and Forget at Christmas

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