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David Austin started his life in a tiny village in Hampshire called Waterlooville in 1949, and comes from quite a musical family. His father George Austin, was a very good Jazz guitarist in the 1950’s – 1960’s, playing with Dudley Moore on the eponymous Jazz 625 programme which was shown in the early days of BBC2 around 1964. George Austin’s playing career spanned 50 years. David has 2 brothers who are both outstanding musicians, Robert (7 years David’s junior) is another great guitarist and John the eldest by 1 year is a bass player who lives near Lymington.

He started playing the guitar in the early 1970’s, and slowly his playing started to evolved in to a songwriter.

David has written roughly 100 songs. His Jazzy/Latin CD consist of about 25 songs which he has used 18 on an album called “COSMIC FORCE”. He has also written a further 40 country/folky/blues/rock type songs which he has used 18 on another album called “GENTLE BLUES”. He has been building up a dance track CD of 6 songs that have been re-recorded & re-arranged by SCAMP STUDIO in to dance tracks called “CLUB DANCING”. In addition, he has written 10 satirical observational tracks called “DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!”. He has approximately 10 songs that he is developing and a further 30 which he is cataloguing in to different genre album CDs.

In July 2017 he received exciting news from the BBC informing him that 2 of his songs had been “assigned” to “Jazz Now” on BBC Radio 3 + “The Jamie Cullum show” on BBC Radio 2 These are “DO YOU REMEMBER?” and “CRAZY WHEN HE’S NOT CALLING”

David has been working with Jason Miles (arranger) who lives in New York, whose speciality is Latin Jazz. Jason has already re-arrantged “CRAZY WHEN HE’S NOT CALLING”. Jason has now agreed to create a Brazilian remix by flipping the rhythm!”. The Brazilian Remix + Video will be networked and syndicated around the world through music publishers sometime in 2018.

David has been featured in The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers in their (1st Quarter) within their on-line magazine in February 2018.

Website: www.dgamusic.co.uk

e-mail: info@dgamusic.co.uk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dgamusic

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Summer Lovers feat. James D Train Williams

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