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A new song called "Mitch the Motorman" by CW and the Motormen has already hit a chord with former rig-hands. In a survey of listeners conducted by, a former rig worker says, "I really like the upbeat tone...I also enjoy the story...I relate to it because I used to work on the rigs."

Mitch the Motorman is a semi-finalist in the country category of the Canadian Songwriting Competition and was a semi-finalist in the International Song Competition at

Songwriter CW Edge says he wrote the song about a real rig worker now living in Calgary, Alberta.
"The song is about a rig-hand that meets his dream girl...or does he? You will have to listen to the song to find out," says Edge. "There aren't many songs about the oilpatch, so this was overdue in the music industry."
Mitch the Motorman is on Youtube at
The song goes on sale for download on Amazon and iTunes Dec 8, 2016.
Other comments from the TuneCore survey are:
"It is a romantic story of a home town boy meeting a pretty girl, and has a sexual feeling to the song."
"The song is wonderful and I want to hear it again."
"This should definitely be on the radio."
"Fantastic country song that I absolutely loved! I really enjoyed the lyrics which were well-written and very meaningful. Some of the best country music I have had the privilege to listen to."
More info on songs to be released at
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