Furkan & Jelbrim

Furkan & Jelbrim



The future is promising for German producer duo, and cousins, Furkan & Jelbrim. The group was formed in March 2018, after their first single "Deserve It", grabbed the attention of the dance community worldwide, gathering almost 1 million streams on Spotify since it's release only a few months ago. Both Furkan and Jelbrim first started producing at the age of 12, and have been honing their dance/house/pop fusion sound since. After a long time performing as solo artists, the cousins decided to reunite their multi-genre experience, and attempt to establish their own unique style, somewhere within the dance-pop realm. Reuniting also means a new opportunity for business - the duo is currently building their own label "Fritz Music Records", with plans of releasing new music throughout 2018.
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Furkan & Jelbrim

Deserve It




Furkan & Jelbrim

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