De Gevoelige Snaar

De Gevoelige Snaar



Dear reader
Do you like new, cheerful, serious, sad, touching, personal or contemplative Dutch songs?
Sung, with acoustic guitar accompaniment, in music arrangements from classical to bossa nova and pop?
Then I invite you to travel with me in a world, musically described by De Gevoelige Snaar
( The Sensive String)

- The Sensitive String is a pseudonym for Hendrik Willems.

I - Hendrik Willems - use the Sensitive String as an artist name for my work as a Dutch song singer/songwriter..

I sing my songs and accompany myself on guitar. I record my own songs and publish them as an independent artist.
- I also work as an acoustic guitarist / session musician and singer-songwriter (English acoustic jazz songs) under the artist name Vili Ross.

Specialised in:

- live acoustic jazz, samba, bossa nova, latin, light classical guitar accompaniment - and (backing) vocal accompaniment of pop / jazz singers and singer-songwriters.

- arranging jazz, pop, blues, folk and rock classics; traditionals and evergreens. In an easy listening, lounge or chill-out acoustic live performance package style. Usually performed by duos in the line-up vocals, guitar / piano, or trios / quartets in (light) percussion, vocals, guitar / piano and double bass line up.

- work out the above-described arrangements both in writing and audio. Written, in bars with chord notation (no individual notation), and audio, with mp3 audio recording samples per instrument, worked out on guitar.

- recording and final mix of acoustic live performances (live) acoustic setting in my home studio.

Hendrik Willems
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De Gevoelige Snaar

De Gevoelige Snaar

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