Michael P Cullen

Michael P Cullen



Michael, P Cullen delivers glass half empty narratives in a unique and textured baritone vocal style that has been well seasoned by cigarettes and whiskey.

On Cha Cha, Michael’s rich punk croon spills out of a lush but driven amalgam of styles including Mowtown, New Wave and 80s British pop with a latin flourish, entreating the listener to take one more chance on romance despite the fact that happy endings seem unlikely – even improbable. What else is there?

“Inspired by the likes of Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits, you nevertheless get a very Michael Cullen experience. He is strong and has a distinctive baritone vocal that weaves through the music, making this album unique, and uniquely valuable.” Sydney Morning Herald
“the Sydney-based lounge lizard artfully marries Southern Gothic dustiness to black-sequined seediness in a way that actually reveals a true sense of class.”Magic Monster Records
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